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Ushers Convention

Sunday School Convention

Young Peoples Christian League

Home Mission Convention

Minister George Crawley - President
Eldress Burness King - Vice President
Minister Beatrice Fowler - Recording Secretary
Eldress Bertha France - Financial Secretary
Eldress Elizabeth Harris - Treasurer
Brother Williams Hollingsworth, II - President
Sister Michelle Carter - Vice President
Sister Mary Gillespie - Recording Secretary
Minister Samantha Ray - Financial Secretary
Deacon James Fowler - Treasurer
Eldress Melba Cross - President
Eldress Mary Adkinson - Vice President
Eldress Valine Thompson - Recording Secretary
Elder Carl Core - Financial Secretary
Elder Oscar Adams - Treasurer
Deacon Rick Singletary - President
Vacant - Vice President
Eldress Phyllis Williams - Recording Secretary
Vacant - Financial Secretary
Mother Linda Dockery - Treasurer
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